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Consult Develop Construct

PSG is a Wisconsin based firm specializing in real estate and construction. Our primary services include consulting, real estate development, real estate investment management, commercial construction, and architectural home construction.

PSG serves clients who need a full scale solution provider, guiding them every step of the way through a project as well as clients who have a specific and defined need for consulting, development or construction services.

“We were impressed by the clear competency that the entire PSG team possessed. Having never done a project of this scope before, Peter and Leslie did an amazing job of allowing us to enjoy the process, and to take the time we needed, while still keeping us on track to meet the deadlines.”

- Christopher Fait, CEO WVA, Inc.


Peter Scherrer & Leslie Scherrer Pella

About Us

We utilize our expertise to identify needs, develop feasible solutions, and efficiently implement projects on behalf of our clients. We are your trusted partner for real estate and construction solutions.

Our goal is to understand and adapt to the needs of each client, to serve them in a matter that is transparent, earning their confidence and providing them with piece of mind.

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