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“It is important that the end result be both appealing to our community and employees as well as financially smart. Peter brought considerable expertise to the project and carefully attended to details, providing seamless subcontractor management. He is one of our trusted business partners” 

Deborah Scheffler – CFO – Lavelle Industries

Lavelle Industries was facing massive increase in demand for its products. This demand would place pressure on manufacturing capabilities. In preparation of this, the owners directed their team to explore all options to have their plant in the position to deliver product to meet this demand. To add complexity to this directive, the plant consisted of twenty-three building additions that were completed over period of seventy-five years.  Furthermore, plant operations run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 

PSG provided consulting services to identify and analyze various solutions.  When the ownership group made the decision to move forward with a building addition, PSG provided design-build services to bring the solution to fruition.

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PSG was brought on to determine what options for remodeling and expansion existed and what these options might cost. Multiple options were investigated including interior remodeling, vertical expansion, and various building addition locations. Budgets were developed for each of these options to aid in decision-making. Following a thorough vetting, the selected solution involved the demolition of a portion of the plant to make room for a 16,000 square foot addition. Concurrently, the electric transformer and switchgear is being completely replaced. In advance of these major projects a parking lot expansion was completed and multiple interior projects were implemented as plant operations were reorganized. 

Following the planning phase, PSG continued with Design-Build services and is scheduled to complete construction by the end of the year.

Lavelle Industries is a repeat client for PSG.  We were retained by Lavelle in 2010 to implement a façade renovation and put a new "face" on the plant. Being called back for another project and in the expanded role as a member of Lavelle’s team in defining solutions as well as delivering the final product, is what our business is all about.

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